Broker Salesperson
State Simulated Practice Exams On-Line
How the State Simulated Practice Exams Work
National License Services has put together a comprehensive set of practice exams for those taking the State License Examination. You'll receive instant answers so you can review the materials. The exams are set up like the State Test. The examinations are interactive. Take the practice tests online anytime. The Brokers Package contains 10 sets of 200 questions each. There are 10 sets of exams of 150 questions each in the Salesperson Package. Take them as many times as you feel necessary to help you pass the State License Examination. National License Services will issue you a password good for 90 days. The password allows you access to all of the current testing material available. You can start now.
To order either of these programs Click Here. National License Services will email your password. Go to student login and follow the directions. Then you will be on your way to passing the state examination. You may take the practice exams as many times as you wish. It's a great tool for passing the State License Examination.