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National License Services (NLS)
NLS offers License Preparation Courses in Real Estate.
NLS has been supplying real estate license qualification courses since the seventies. NLS pioneered Internet education and now offers complete NetTesting with Instant Scoring.
PASS or PAY NOTHING - Check out our Course Guarantees and Low Prices. The Real Estate Courses are all DRE approved. For your convenience, course testing can be completed on the Internet.
ACCELERATED TRAINING - National offers Accelerated Training. Courses can be completed FAST in the minimum DRE required time. Courses are EASY to follow and we use text materials from recognized Real Estate Educators and published Authors.
OPEN BOOK TESTING - All of our Real Estate Courses have Open-Book Testing, which means you can use your text-material to look up the answers during the test, including the final exam for License Qualification or Continuing Education License Renewal Courses.
FREE ONLINE COMPUTER COURSES - National is offering FREE Online Computer Courses to beginners and experts. Learn all the latest software at your own pace and convenience
for FREE.