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To Apply for the Salesperson
To Apply for the Salesperson Examination
Note: Initial examination scheduling cannot occur until your application has been approved by the DRE. To apply for the exam, you must submit:
An original Salesperson Examination Application (RE 400A). Be sure to read all instructions and information before completing the application. Your social security number must be included to ensure fingerprint results are received by the DRE. No changes of any kind will be made to an application once it has been received by the DRE.
You may not apply to take an examination for a license for which you already have a right of renewal.
The applicable fee for the application.
Evidence of completion of a three semester, or quarter unit equivalent, college-level course in Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice and one additional course from the following list of courses:
  • Real Estate Appraisal
  • Property Management
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Real Estate Economics
  • Legal Aspects of Real Estate
  • Real Estate Office Administration
  • General Accounting
  • Business Law
  • Escrows
  • Mortgage Loan Brokering and Lending
  • Computer Applications in Real Estate
  • Common Interest Developments
If a disability-related reasonable accommodation is needed, attach to the examination application the Special Accommodation Request for Examination form (RE 413), a description of the disability and suggested accommodation/modification.