Broker Salesperson
Real Estate Broker Qualification Courses
A four-year college degree with a major or minor in Real Estate waives the required two years of experience as an active sales licensee. In addition to a four-year college degree or 2 years full-time real estate salesperson experience, license applicants will need to complete the following NLS courses:
Courses offered by NLS:
The following five courses are required:
Approval No. 940-88
$89.50 (includes textbook)
Approval No. 941-88
$89.50 (includes textbook)
Approval No. 939-88
$89.50 (includes textbook)
Approval No. 942-88
$89.50 (includes textbook)
Approval No. 944-88
$89.50 (includes textbook)
And three elective courses from the following group:
Approval No. 1755-99
$89.50 (includes textbook)
Approval No. 1756-99
$89.50 (includes textbook)
Approval No. 943-88
$89.50 (includes textbook)
Approval No. 945-88
$89.50 (includes textbook)
Approval No. 938-88
$89.50 (includes textbook)
General Accounting
Business Law
Business Law and/or other advanced Real Estate Courses may waive one or more of the elective courses.
Check with NLS if you have taken such courses. College graduates with Accounting, Banking, Finance,
Economics, or Business Administration degree usually only need six courses. Check with NLS if you have
taken such courses.
Each course is equivalent to a 45-hour three-unit college course. The courses consist of reading assignments, 15 mini-quizzes, each containing 10 questions (these quizzes are OPTIONAL and are not required to complete the course), and an open-book final examination. (The mini-quizzes can be completed only on the Internet for instant grading). The open-book final examination can be completed on the Internet. (The course assignments have been included as practice tool to test your knowledge prior to taking the final open-book exam.)
The minimum time to complete each Broker Qualification course is 2½ weeks from the date of enrollment. The minimum-passing grade for the course is 60% on the final examination.
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