Broker Salesperson
Real Estate Broker License Requirements - continued
Courses must be completed at an institution of higher learning accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges or by a comparable regional accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education, or by a private real estate school which has had its courses approved by the California Real Estate Commissioner.
Courses completed through foreign institutions of higher learning must be evaluated by a foreign credentials evaluation service approved by the Department of Real Estate. Examination Applicant Foreign Education Information (RE 223)
Copies of official transcripts are generally acceptable evidence of completed courses. Transcripts of other courses, submitted as a potential equivalent course of study in lieu of the statutory courses, must be accompanied by an official course or catalog description in order to be evaluated for equivalency.
If you intend to request a review for acceptance of a real estate related course which is titled differently from the list of required courses, a copy of your official transcript should be submitted with your examination application and a copy of the course syllabus or a copy of the college's catalogue description (for the year of attendance) for the course.
Note: Qualified broker applicants who have completed the eight required college-level courses are eligible to take the salesperson examination without providing further evidence of education or experience.
A minimum of two years full-time licensed salesperson experience within the last five years or the equivalent is required. Following are acceptable methods of documenting the experience requirement for the broker examination.
Verification of licensed sales experience
The fact that you have held a salesperson license for two years does not necessarily qualify you for a broker license. You must document employment as a licensed salesperson on a full-time basis (or part-time for the equivalent of two years full-time) with certifications from current or former employing brokers. These certifications must be made using the Employment Verification (RE 226) form which is included in the broker examination application package and is available on the CalBRE website. Letters of recommendation will not suffice. Plus, this experience must have been gained sometime during the five years immediately preceding the date of your broker examination application. The License Status Check feature of the CalBRE website may be used to find your employing current and prior broker's address of record.
If you cannot obtain verification of employment from a former employing broker, you must still complete the Employment Verification (RE 226) form in full and indicate the reason why you could not obtain the employing broker's signature (e.g., deceased, litigation, etc.) in the space labeled "Signature of Certifying Broker." In addition, you must attach two Employment Certification (RE 228) forms from persons who work in a related professional capacity and who are in a position to attest to your experience and activity. One Employment Verification (RE 226) form and two Employment Certification (RE 228) forms are required for each separate employment when the actual employing broker is not able to verify employment.
When submitting the Employment Verification (RE 226) and the Employment Certification (RE 228) forms, it is important that you provide sufficient detail to enable the Bureau to perform an evaluation. The Bureau may conduct further inquiry when evaluating experience.
Licensed experience defined
1) Full-time salesperson activity means at least 40 hours per week devoted to activities that require a real estate license. No additional credit will be given for more than 40 hours of activity.
2) Part-time activity as a real estate salesperson will be given credit on a prorated basis. For example, 20 hours of activity per week would be given credit as halftime employment, and four years of such employment would be required to qualify for a broker license. No credit is given for less than 10 hours of activity per week.
Certified License Histories
Certified License Histories
Public license records are available on the DRE Web site.
A certified license history may be requested for any licensee by submitting a fee and a Certified License History Request (RE 293). If specifically requested, information beyond the preceding five year period will be provided. The certifed license history will also contain the date first licensed taken from the licensee's master file record. If the information is needed for another state, the name of the state and the mailing destination should be included in the request.
Educational requirements submitted to qualify for and obtain a license will not be provided on a certified license history.
Note: A certified license history should not be submitted by broker examination applicants to substantiate work experience requirements.
Submit the request to:
Department of Real Estate
Attn.: Licensing
P.O. Box 187000
Sacramento, CA 95818-7000