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The following is a brief description of the subject areas and courses offered:
Microsoft - These courses cover all of the training courses for the Microsoft products, including Office 2000, Windows 98, Visual Basic, etc.
Graphics - Numerous courses on desktop graphics packages, including Adobe Photoshop, Visio, Corel Draw, etc.
Desktop - This section covers training material relating to operating systems including Windows 98, 95 and 2000.
Internet - The courses cover information for beginners to develop web pages with HTML, Frontpage, etc.
Databases - Courses that are relevant to databases, including Access, Foxpro, SQL Server, Oracle and much more.
Web Development - Technical training courses for every web developer ranging from introduction to HTML through Advanced Web Development technologies.
Unix - A number of courses on the subject of the every popular UNIX operating system, plus courses in Linux, C Programming, Administration, etc.
Lotus - These courses cover training material for products Lotus/IBM supply. Courses include Lotus Notes, Smartsuite, cc:Mail, etc.
Novell - Technical training courses on the various Novell operating systems and software that runs on them.
Contact Management - A wide range of courses for packages that help keep track of your contract, e. g., Symantec, ACT, Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, etc.
Programming - Courses in this area cover Visual Basic, C, C++, Delphi and Visual Basic for Applications.
DTP - Courses to aid users in the creation of desktop publishing with Microsoft Publisher, Corel Ventura and many others.
Accountancy - Courses relating to financial packages such as Sage, Peachtree, etc.
Softskills - These courses cover subjects such as time management, stress counseling and personal development.
Corel - Courses in this area cover products under the Corel company banner, such as WordPerfect, Quattro Pro, etc.
ECDL - The European Computer Driving License proves the holder has knowledge of basic concepts of IT and can use a PC and applications. This area hosts all of the courses required to site for these exams.
Macintosh - Courses for the Macintosh system, including operating system courses, Photoshop, Quark Express, etc.
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How to Apply for the Real Estate Sales License Examination
Note: Initial examination scheduling cannot occur until your application has been approved by the DRE
Submit the following:
Completed Examination Application (RE400A). No changes of any kind will be made to an application once it has been received by DRE. Do not submit more than one examination application. You may not apply to take an examination for a license for which you already have a right for renewal.
$60.00 fee. Checks or money orders should be made payable to the Department of Real Estate. Do not send cash.
Transcript showing successful completion of the statutory college-level real estate courses and degrees.
Fingerprint Processing
Original license applicants who reside in California will pay the fingerprint fee directly to the live scan fingerprint service provider — not to the DRE. The service provider may also charge a processing fee.